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USCCU Checking

Beter Checking

Your credit union offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to convenience and full service opportunities. Our checking accounts are hard to beat. Credit union checking accounts, also known as share drafts, offer the same level of convenience as bank checking and are accepted everywhere, just like bank checks. Our checks are personalized and come in a variety of styles and colors. Our checking accounts offer a number of advantages you may not find at other financial institutions. Here at US Community Credit Union we know that people have different needs. That’s why we offer a variety of checking accounts built to suit each individual’s personal lifestyle. Just tell us what you would like and our knowledgeable members service representatives will set you up with exactly what you are looking for.

Debit Cards with No Monthly Usage Fee

Are you being charged a debit card monthly usage fee by your financial institution? Recently several financial institutions have announced they will begin charging fees for people who use their debit card to make purchases. Stop paying monthly fees to use your debit card and open a checking account with US. Use your USCCU debit card as much as you want without being charged a monthly usage fee. Open your US Community Credit Union checking account today!

Six Star Checking

Six Star Checking is our checking account with certificate like rates. If you meet the requirements you will receive .75% APY.* Keep the flexibility of a checking account while earning a high dividend rate!

To get the Six Star advantage, each month you must:

Six Star Checking
  • Receive e-Statements
  • Have direct deposit or ACH Debit
  • Login to FREE Freedom Home Banking
  • Perform 10 or more signature based debit card transactions

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. As of 2-1-2013 APY is .75% and will be paid on all balances up to $25,000 if requirements are fulfilled within the calendar month. Accounts that do not fulfill requirements within the calendar month will receive .05% APY .Accounts that do not fulfill requirements three consecutive months will transfer from Six Star Checking to It's on US Checking. All balances over $25,000 will receive .05% APY. Rates and terms based on requirements listed above. Rates subject to change without notice. Minimum initial deposit is $50.


It's on US checking

It’s time for a new kind of checking account made by US just for YOU! It’s on US Checking has all the features you want in a checking account with No Monthly Account Fee. Instant issue Visa debit card, Free Online Banking, unlimited check writing, and Free e-Statements are all features you can expect with It's on US Checking.

Scholars Checking

Scholars checking is our checking account for ages 16-24. With Scholars checking your first order of any style checks are free! Scholars checking will help you learn how to manage money at a young age.

Prestige Checking

Prestige checking is our checking account designed for members 50 years of age and older. With our Prestige checking account you will earn dividends and receive free checks (one order at a time). Also, if you need a cashiers check you will receive two free per month with your Prestige checking account.


all checking account features:

Real-Time Checking

Ever tried to make a deposit of your payroll check on Friday after 3:00 pm at another financial institution and have been told the deposit will not take effect until the next Monday or Tuesday? With a checking account at US Community Credit Union, generally, deposits of checks and other items are given immediate credit by us when you make a deposit inside one of our branches, before the close of business. Why Wait? Bring your checking account to US Community Credit Union, where you don't have to wait for YOUR money!*

Courtesy Pay

It happens to all of us. You make an honest mistake in your checkbook. Unusual or unforeseen circumstances popped up at just the wrong time. That’s why we offer Courtesy Pay, an added member service that protects your checking account when an inadvertent overdraft occurs. It protects your good credit rating and keeps you from paying merchant returned check fees. We require no applications or additional signatures.

Online Bill Payment

All out of stamps? Used your last check and forgot to reorder? Don't worry, just use our online bill payment service. Our online bill payment service allows checking account holders to send payments automatically for every bill you have. No matter if it's mortgage, car loan, electric, rent, insurance, or cable, you can do it with bill payment.

Simple Record Keeping

Unlike bank checking accounts, balancing a credit union checking account is practically fool proof. Every credit union check has a carbonless copy beneath it, creating an exact duplicate of each check you write. Even if you forget to record a check, an exact copy is bound into your credit union checkbook.

Check Safekeeping

Instead of returning your canceled checks to organize and file each month, you can view check copies through our Freedom Online Banking. You save time and storage space. Just Visit our website and click on Freedom Online Banking, for access to your account.

Detailed Monthly Statements

Don't want the hassle of keeping up with your printed monthly statements? Well now you can view statements electronically through our e-Statements program. Just log into Freedom Home Banking and you're ready to go. Whether you're receiving statements in the mail or viewing them on-line, every month you will receive a detailed statement that itemizes your deposits, each check you have written, any dividend you earned and any fees. Credit union checking accounts are easy to reconcile because there is no need to sort through stacks of canceled checks. With a quick review of your statement, you will always know your balance and which checks have been paid.

Opening An Account Is Fast And Easy

When you compare the benefits of a credit union checking account with another financial institution, you will see the best account is available from your credit union. It takes just a few minutes to open your checking account. For more information about checking accounts, call (615) 256-8712 or (800) 304-3436 or visit one of our accommodating offices.

Insured Up To $250,000

Your credit union certificates, savings and checking accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. This guarantees your deposits are safe and secure at the credit union.

*See your funds availability disclosure for the few instances in which holds may apply to protect you and the credit union.

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